How to make your products look better & worth their price tag?

Work not to justify the price tag, but to create a vision- a perception of Valuable Luxury.  

Here’s a story from last week:

My boss came to me with a render of our prefab garden home, and said:

“Aanvi, this doesn’t look like quite right. It is everything we wanted, but it looks off. Do you think we should put this part at the back of the body and change the shape?”

I took one look, and knew the problem.

It had nothing to do with the product.

It had everything to do with HOW the product was rendered:

  • Dull lighting
  • Barren land in front of the home
  • Looking incomplete & not worth the price-tag
  • Bad choice of viewing frame & perspective
  • No accessories to explain the scale of the product or it’s actual surrounding (which was a client’s well-maintained garden)
  • Cut corners in the front deck/floor.

What next?

I took 30 minutes and revamped the image.


Took images from Google and copy-pasted parts into the render:

  • Nice entrance panels
  • Plants & flowers
  • Pebbles & stone slabs in front of entrance
  • Chairs & table on the deck
  • Urn full of water


  • Increase decking / flooring area on the left of the tent so it looks more spacious.


  • Presented to my boss the kind of picture we would like our clients to envision.

Final Result?

My boss loved it! 

A few “formal” WhatsApp forwards and all the recipients had positive reactions (Not a ‘Thanks, I’ll check it out later’). 

Our team realized that the new render was indeed closer to the brand messaging. 

Up until then, everyone hadn’t realized that the picture they had in mind for the product, didn’t contain just the product in a white background. It contained the actual background it would be put in, perhaps one even better.   

Because it was a “garden home”, of course there would be fresh green grass, plants, flowers and trees. 

Our ideal client would be someone who rents this Garden Home as a “guest in a glamping resort”, or, he would be an owner of a nice garden where this Tent would be his work-spot or lounge-area. 

So, this kind of renders helps him visualize his purchase well, and makes the product look worth its value, ready to buy. 

My advice for Design & Product Supply Firms reading this: 

  • Present your idea with the emotion you want your client to feel.
  • Design your presentations & renders to let them see themselves in the picture instantly!
  • Only then, will they get “attached” to it, and endeavour to buy it- From you, who understands them.
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