Uplevel your Marketing & Brand Perception through intelligent & templatized Graphic Design

Softwares I use:

- Photoshop
- Canva
- Keynote / Powerpoint
- Excel

Design experience since 2012, coming together with real world Sales & Digital Marketing for B2B Hospitality & Retail businesses, promoting $500-$500.000 products.

My education includes Fine Art as an extra subject for 10 years and a Diploma in Watercolour painting, a Bachelor's degree from a 5yr course in Interior Design from a top-25 Design School in the world, and a scholarship to study Art & Space Design in France.

Each graphic is strategically crafted for better brand reception & clear messaging. Usually targeted to:

Level up / Premiumize your existing design

so that you can make a confident impression on your clients, and get chosen above competition.

Appeal to your targeted clients & investors

so that they understand your business message in seconds with visuals matching your business standard.

Multiply your product's value

so that you can charge more for your products by looking premium and professional- highlighting your difference from competitors

20-45 minutes to identify your needs

"Aanvi's work never fails to get a "wow" from our clients as well as investors. Her visuals and branding are excellent. Copywriting is sales-focused.

Highly recommend her if you want high-standard professional work. She helped double our enquiries, get better clients, and establish us as a renowned high-end brand in Hospitality Design."

Ueli Wick | CEO, Escape Nomade, Bali; ex: Private Banking at Credit Suisse

What makes my work special

1. high speed implementation with high-quality & common sense

Accompanied with:

2. direct communication with ME

I am your Graphic Everything.

3. Specialized experience working with premium international brands​

Especially across South East Asia & India, with some private clients in Europe.

4. 360° input

I give you work that includes Strategy, Design, and other underlying important things you don't need to spell out for me to do.

Project Portfolio

1. JAR labels for healthy-food brand in indonesia, TO expand their product collection

These labels helped uplevel the brand perception and make the products look worth their $7-$11 price tag.

Original design

After my revamp

All Labels- Click to view in full screen

Jar labels for low-sugar, keto-friendly Fruit Jams

Jar labels for special recipes

2. instagram graphics to launch specific collections of home decor & furniture products, from a brand in india

These graphics make the Instagram profile compelling & irresistible to scroll through.

3. LOGO for surf & wildlife resort in national park in java, indonesia

This logo directly uses the peacock feather because of the large number of peacocks found around the property.


Made in vertical to be phone-friendly and only 6 pages to be a compact & informative teaser.

6-page WhatsApp Brochure for Homestay in Calcutta, India

3. marketing & brand collateral for linen & scarf products home-made in calcutta, india

Andrews & Co packaging

3. marketing & brand collateral for linen & scarf products home-made in calcutta, india

Andrews & Co packaging

"Aanvi arriving to our team was definitely a great addition, she is full of creative ideas and knows how to make them happen from A to Z. She is definitely a 'doer' and a problem solver. When she has passion for a project, she doesn't count the hours working, because she really wants to make it happen."

Maria Garcia del Cerro | Communication Director, Desa Potato Head, Indonesia (ex: Head of PR, Emporio Armani)

"Aanvi was highly recommended to me by a friend. She delivers fast and detailed work. She knows how to get things straight to the point. Good analysis skills. Quick implementation. Clear positioning work. Great creativity. Absolutely team-able."

Kurt Bormann | Freshmax Jams & Spices; Superketo Fruit Spreads, Indonesia

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