Follow these 3 rules to present your ideas in 2020

I feel presenting Ideas is more relevant NOW than ever, because no matter whether you are a freelancer or employee, designer or developer, you are in constant need to convince ‘someone’ about your idea. 

As digital as we are now, you must know how to ‘pitch’ without being present in person. 

Sometimes the fortune of your next months rests in sending over ONE PDF file. 


It could be to present your idea in a competition, it could be a project proposal to your client, or convincing your boss that you should lead a project.

How can you explain all this in one silent document?

No. 1

List your competition and find what makes YOU OR YOUR IDEA stand out from them. 

But, what if your business is no monopoly? What if you’re similar to another?

Here’s what you do:

If you feel you are second or third in the race, and have absolutely nothing to prove your difference, look again at your idea-

A 100% there will be something different- Maybe your passion for the subject, your business location, your aesthetics, your personal background.. Anything. You suddenly have a plethora of things to choose from.

So now pick ONE of these which distinguishes you, and emphasize it in the presentation. 

THIS is your USP.

No. 2

Don’t follow the Minimalism trend. 

People will tell you: “No one reads nowadays, so don’t care about text”. 

Don’t fall into this trap. It’s simply BS.

Every successful business person I know, READS. 

Every successful presentation I made, which helped sell thousands of dollars worth of products, had a chunk of MEANINGFUL text in it. 

The way I designed it, clients ‘wanted’ to read it. They wanted to read the boring technical data to learn more about the product. And the more they read, the more they held the businesses in higher esteem.


Newspapers, bloggers, magazines, they’re still in business right? 

Ever heard of the 365 books in 365 days challenge? That’s all about reading too. 

So give your client or boss a good background through words- Meaningful words that one wouldn’t WANT to skip. Let it explain its story without you around it.. because chances are your presentation will be discussed without you around it. Be prepared and structure it that way.

No. 3


Put in WHY you think your concept will work. 

Is it because your C is a rip-off of A and B and they’re both successful? 


But for an investor or boss to say ‘yes’ to that, and put in time, money and resources, he needs 2 reasons:

1. Promise that he’ll get his money back bigger and quicker than he would if he put it elsewhere. 

2. Attraction to your story and idea.

So how do you get there?

Many ways.

  • Click pictures of the problem you’re solving, or the luxury product you’re offering.
  • Produce a video explaining your concept. Short crisp video converts a gazillion times higher than anything and captivates people of all natures.
  • Get people to give video-recorded/typed statements or testimonies.
  • If you’ve tried out your concept already, great! That’s proof that it’s working. So show your investor its success, not just your own words, but others’. 

Here’s an example.

Let’s say you that you’ve done calculations and are sure that stock values of company XXY is going to drop 45%. You want to convince your investor.

Now, if you are unknown to him, he may not believe you. 

But, if a stocks authority like CNBC acknowledged your data, your investor will have more faith in you.

He could also have more faith in you, for example, if he saw one of your financial research papers published on a platform before.

That’s the kind of authority your Presentation needs to establish.

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