🖋 Personal Background

As a child, I spent weekends teaching Down Syndrome children like my brother, and taking special interest in mathematics.

My single mother owned & ran small retail & hospitality businesses in India, and my exposure here combined with my studies in France, helped me grow up with an entrepreneurial spirit passionate about international markets.

I received an award from Elle Decor for my furniture design

📚 Education​

I have a Bachelor's degree in Furniture Design from the National Institute of Design (NID) in India, one of the top 25 design colleges in the world.

My personal & educational background has helped me win two scholarships to study design in France & London.

My work has won 3 awards- From Elle Decor, Asian Paints and Urban Ladder (all India-based companies).

Throughout my school life, I have studied Fine Art as an extra subject, and earned a specialized Diploma in watercolour painting.

Some sketches I did on my travels

🖥️ Work

I joined Escape Nomade Luxury Tented Villas in Bali, Indonesia in 2016 as Design Assistant to the Founder and helped launch new hospitality concepts & products.

In a few months, I began communicating with clients, presenting designs to them, and bridging the gap between them and our architecture team. This is something I loved more than everything else. It led me to discover the world of sales & marketing- Communications, Websites, Instagram, Emails, Simple automations, Product offers.. I worked to make the whole process seamless for the client, and yet feasible for us to manage on a lean budget, with a lean team.

In 2018, I led a complete "Digital Makeover", which led to a massive upleveling of the business, emphasis on Escape Nomade as a brand, and clarity in positioning as a "higher consultant" instead of just another supplier. Escape Nomade began to be approached for much larger projects with a much higher brand perception.

This led me to grow into my current role as Head of Sales, Marketing and Brand Development. Now I manage everything digital for the business, and also communication for projects ranging from $5.000- $500.000 prefab luxury resorts, restaurants, glamping sites & event venues.

📆 Consulting

While working with Escape Nomade, now I am also running my own boutique Marketing Consultancy, Viable Visions, to empower business owners to manage the marketing of their products inhouse on a lean budget.

Aside from consulting, we also take up projects on Presentation Design, Pitch Decks, Instagram Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Website Optimization and Marketing Simplification.

Why I specialize in Presentations


In a few years, the shop earned recognition, and we wanted to level up from a 'mom shop' image to a 'premium brand'. We invested in different consultants & agencies, but were just unfortunate-

We were either overcharged, or sidelined for bigger projects, or didn't get the quality of clients we wanted.

We then took the challenge on ourselves, and used 'one magic ingredient' to reach our brand goals-

This magic ingredient was Presentations.

... Presentations that we used for B2B partnerships, B2C marketing, and digital marketing. They helped us achieve milestones, and make the shop a recognized premium brand for home decor in Calcutta.

Two final takeaways:
Intelligent & Impressive Presentations got us results: Quicker and leaner.
Intelligent & Impressive Presentations
allowed us to convey anything we wanted, to any one we wanted.

About My Work

I am Head of Sales, Marketing and Brand Development at Escape Nomade Luxury Tented Villas, in Bali, Indonesia.

My entire day is about:

Writing to, or speaking with clients globally to help them with their purchase of $50.000 – $500.000 worth of products.
I’ve successfully sold to 5-star groups including Raffles Hotel Bali, Anantara Riverside Hotel Bangkok, and Asia World Hospitality.
Planning, designing & personally presenting sales presentations, pitches, catalogues, service manuals and marketing information.
I’ve done dozens in my career, some of which have been viewed 1000's of times by investors and clients combined.
Managing almost everything digital for Escape Nomade- Website, proposals, design guides, Instagram, Linkedin, emails, quotation templates, and communication frameworks.
This means I take care of the copywriting, brand message, blog posts, visuals, and almost everything you'd see from the company on a screen or a printout.

I have experience working with:

Escape Nomade Luxury Tented Villas / Freshmax Jams & Spices / Superketo Fruit Spreads / Asia World Tour Operators / SOUQ – INDONESIA

Anantara Riverside Resort- THAILAND

Irris Home Decor / Serena Villa Residency / Urban Ladder / Asian Paints / ABP Weddings- INDIA

… and other brands & individual clients

Awards from:

– Elle Decor India- for Best Furniture Piece in the student category

– Asian Paints India- for room design concept

 – Urban Ladder India- for Best Multi-purpose Furniture Design

– Hoftel’s SEAHIS Hotel Conference Thailand- I designed a winning presentation for Escape Nomade 

Press features:

My personal projects or work for Escape Nomade has been featured in:

– Harper’s Bazaar, Indonesia

– YAK Magazine, Indonesia

– Exotiq Magazine, Thailand

– The Nation, Thailand

– Times of India Newspaper, India

– DNA Newspaper, India

– Sanmarg Newspaper, India

– Divya Bhaskar, India

– Elle Decor, India

In addition, my products have often been used in photoshoots as accent pieces & backdrops.