Hello, I'm Aanvi Singhania

I create Intelligent & Impressive Business Presentations & Pitch Decks for you.

Design experience since 2012, coming together with real world Sales & Marketing for B2B Hospitality & Retail businesses, promoting $500-$500.000 products.
I am based in the exotic global destination of Bali since 2016.
360° Service, with work that gets RESULTS.

I studied Fine Art as an extra subject for 10 years and earned a Diploma in Watercolour painting, a Bachelor's degree from a 5yr course in Interior Design from a top-25 Design School in the world, and a scholarship to study Art & Space Design in France.

I can transform your Sales through your Catalogues, Price Quotes and Profile Presentations.


- Strategy
- Design
- Imagery
- Copywriting

Each document is strategically crafted for results & growth. Usually targeted to:

Level up / Premiumize your sales quality

so that you can make a confident impression on your clients, and get chosen above competition.

Attract your targeted clients & investors

so that they understand your business message in seconds with visuals & words of their standard.

Multiply your product's value

so that you can charge more for your products by looking premium and professional- highlighting your difference from competitors

20-45 minutes to identify your needs

"Aanvi's work never fails to get a "wow" from our clients as well as investors. Her visuals and branding are excellent. Copywriting is sales-focused.

Highly recommend her if you want high-standard professional work. She helped double our enquiries, get better clients, and establish us as a renowned high-end brand in Hospitality Design."

Ueli Wick | CEO, Escape Nomade, Bali; ex: Private Banking at Credit Suisse

Some Presentations I help you with:

1. Pitch Decks

Crafted to attract the right investors & partners to grow your business.

Successful Pitch Decks show the business's pros & cons. They justify the value of funds asked, through smartly chosen visuals and intelligent text.

Pitch Decks typically include your:

  1. Business promise & message
  2. Catchy one-liner / tagline
  3. Proof of concept / Business history
  4. Market Research
  5. Mission & Vision
  6. Sales charts & Financial projections
  7. Valuable business USPs
  8. “Pitch”- Why you need the funds / in what form / how much 

Pages I created for Escape Nomade Luxury Tented Villas, presented in Switzerland (click to view in full screen)


Targeted to showcase your product / service to customers, and lead to increase in brand recognition & sales. Displays prices & USPs (Unique Selling Points) .

Successful Sales Catalogues showcase the product like a premium brand, justify its price tag, and convince the customer to 'want' the product.

Product Catalogues typically include your:

  1. Product Categories
  2. One or multiple collections
  3. Prices
  4. Serial codes
  5. Materials / sizes / technicals / shipping details
  6. Business story
  7. FAQs
  8. Product in its surrounding / moodshot (I Photoshop visuals for you so you don’t need to invest in fancy Photography!)

Pages from my Sales Catalogue for Irris Home Decor, India; Used to sell products on high-end ecommerce platform (click to view in full screen)


Summarizes your business portfolio in 10-20 slides to use as a detailed introduction in a formal environment.

Successful Brand Showcases put together almost all aspects of your business to give an overview from every different aspect.

Brand Showcases typically include your:

  1. Business Story and timeline since foundation
  2. Founder’s or CEO’s letter
  3. Business fields
  4. Financial charts
  5. Mission & Vision
  6. Team & Offices
  7. USPs- Unique Selling Points
  8. Market positioning
  9. Future plans & Opportunities

Pages I created for Escape Nomade Luxury Tented Villas, presented in The Netherlands (click to view in full screen)

or get an honest second opinion on your current marketing material

How we may work together

I can create or revamp your full Presentation from start to finish.

My work is full-service and includes: Strategy, Design, Imagery and Copywriting, as needed.

step 1:

We find a time on my calendar that suits your preference. We discuss & strategize your Presentation needs.​

Step 2:

We exchange data and ideas. I send you a Presentation draft tailor-made for you. We keep communicating and sharing throughout the process.

step 3:

When you are almost satisfied with your Presentation draft, we revise it together via Screenshare. I forward you the finished PDF right after this call, to enjoy and present!
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What makes my work special

1. high speed implementation with high-quality

Accompanied with:

2. direct communication with ME

I am your Presentation Everything.

3. Specialized experience working with premium international brands​

Especially across South East Asia & India, with some private clients in Europe.

4. 360° input

I give you work that includes Strategy, Design, and other underlying important things you don't need to spell out for me to do.

Some results I've helped clients achieve:

1. pitch deck seeking $500.000 TO expand INTO EUROPEAN MARKET

This document helped reached advanced stages of discussions with investors.

Pages I created for business selling Jams & Spices in Indonesia (name hidden on client request) (click to view in full screen)

2. PRICE QUOTE / proposal template for luxury resort designers in BALI

Helped to make $100.000-$1.000.000 purchase proposals look worth the money, every single time.

Pages I created for Escape Nomade Luxury Tented Villas, Bali to make their $100.000 product look worth the money, and explain all the perks that a customer gets when they buy from this company. (click to view full screen)

3. PRODUCT CaTALOGUE for B2b partnership

Helped get bricks-and-mortar store to get their products listed on a premium international ecommerce store

I created this presentation for Irris Home Decor, India, for partnership with The House of Things. (click to view in full screen)

4. SALES PRESENTATION for prefab luxury tent PRODUCERS in bali

Strategized and created a Master Catalogue to send out to all first-enquiries/leads on the website. This single PDF helps the company save hundreds of hours by answering customer FAQs and being a stunning self-explanatory presentation for any lead- hot or cold.

Pages I created for Escape Nomade Luxury Tented Villas, Bali (click to view in full screen); This presentation has been viewed hundreds of times across the globe, in just one year. It is attached as the first introduction to every new lead.


Helped create this PDF as a premium WhatsApp Brochure in portrait format, to make a memorable first impression on the reader about the company and its services.

Premium WhatsApp brochure that I created for Escape Nomade Luxury Tented Villas, Bali, for circulation amongst CEO’s, Hospitality Veterans and other Senior Managers in the Hotel & Resort industry. (click to view full screen)

20-45 minutes to strategize your needs

"Aanvi was highly recommended to me by a friend. She delivers fast and detailed work. She knows how to get things straight to the point. Good analysis skills. Quick implementation. Clear positioning work. Great creativity. Absolutely team-able."

Kurt Bormann | Freshmax Jams & Spices; Superketo Fruit Spreads, Indonesia

"Aanvi arriving to our team was definitely a great addition, she is full of creative ideas and knows how to make them happen from A to Z. She is definitely a 'doer' and a problem solver. When she has passion for a project, she doesn't count the hours working, because she really wants to make it happen."

Maria Garcia del Cerro | Communication Director, Desa Potato Head, Indonesia (ex: Head of PR, Emporio Armani)

Pricing Packages

Turn your presentations & e-catalogues into something you'll be proud to show off for your business.
Make it look unique & classy

Visual Makeover

upto 35 slides

This package is for you if:

  • You are 100% satisfied with your writing.
  • You like the slide-flow and hierarchy.
  • You are in need of a quick design revamp (1-3 days).
  • You want to add high-quality stock photos.
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Make it intelligent & stylish

Intrinsic Makeover / Design from Scratch

upto 35 slides

This package is for you if:

  • You are not satisfied with your writing, images or visuals.
  • You need me to adjust the slide-flow to tell a better story.
  • You are in need of a full professional revamp (3-7 days).
  • You want Excellent English, Hassle-free 360° work
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Turn your presentations & e-catalogues into something you'll be proud to show off for your business.
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